Behind The lens

 I, Faith Muthiani, am the photographer behind "Wolf Photography". I am currently based in Maryland although my nomadic heart always has me on the move.

   I remember when I was in elementary school (4th grade to be exact), we had an assignment to select one super power that we wished we could posses. While everyone else wished for the power to fly or super strength, the ten year old me wished for the power to control time.

   Fast forward fourteen years later and I am living out that dream. Through my photography I am able to capture people in moments that occur in less than a split second and create images that last a lifetime. With every portrait I take I aim to capture my subjects in their authentic self; their true essence and personality. I have a natural curiosity about people and the world around me, and the camera is a tool that helps me get a better understanding of it all. Photographs are a part of our legacy. They tell our personal story; a timeline of our lives filled with faces and places that we love. As a photographer, my goal is to bring your vision to life, and create a story that will last for generations to come.